Friday, 30 June 2017

“Biodiversifying” Department of Geography & Environmental Studies exposure in an International Experiential SLUSE Field Course

The Department of Geography & Environmental Studies Masters students in Biodiversity and Natural Resources Management participated in the 2017 Experiential Sustainable Land Use (SLUSE) field course. The course, which provides students with a practical research approach, was organized by the University of Nairobi’s Wangari Mathaai Institute in collaboration with University of Copenhagen and University of Roskilde, Denmark. The field course took place in Kibugu Location, Kiambu County between 2nd and 13th of March 2017. The students were supervised by the following University of Nairobi Faculty members: Prof. H.M. Mutembei, Dr. J. Mutune, Mr. A Nunow Abdi (Wangari Maathai Institute), Dr. T. Thenya (Department of Geography & Environmental Studies), Dr. K. Kiemo (Department of Sociology and Social Work), Dr. C. Onyango, Dr M. Muiru (Department of Plant Science and Crop Protection) and Dr. C. Kunyanga (Department of Food Science, Nutrition and Technology). The supervisors from the University of Copenhagen and Roskilde University were Prof. Christian Pilegaard Hansen and Prof. Ebbe Prag, respectively. The course was attended by a total of 34 students of which 22 were international students from both University of Copenhagen and Roskilde University and 12 from the University of Nairobi, Wangari Maathai Institute and Department of Geography & Environmental Studies
Students in crop farming technology practice in tea plucking
Students in a discussion group in one of the homestead after embarking from field work
Students from Copenhagen University, Nairobi University and. Local guides during Community During the feedback session at Kathakwa primary school
Students working on the livestock thematic from University of Nairobi and Copenhagen University during community feedback meeting with local hosting families

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